Design & Installation

We are a design company that specializes in high end Biophilic Design. Our goal is to bring the elements of nature into modern structures. Our highly skilled design team generates innovative solutions for our clients’ wildest ideas. From concept to installation, we ensure that every job is carried out with the highest quality and care.

Design Process


Identification & Inspiration

Most projects begin with a site visit to determine concepts, design specifications, and capabilities of the space. We get to know you and your space to create the perfect design that will match your goals.

Innovate & Design

Working with our in-house design team we innovate solutions to bridge concept to reality.  Through the use of digital imaging we help visualize your project, and work with you to ensure every detail is met.

Prototype & Fabricate

With design approval we begin the manufacturing stage. Plants and materials are sourced and hand-picked guaranteeing quality. Our production team uses the agreed design plans to create your customized biophilic design.

Delivery & Installation

Once the fabrication of the project is complete our installation team schedules the date of delivery and installation. Our professional install team ensures the safe transportation and installation of every job with true passion and care.

Principles of Biophilic Design