Flowering & Foliage Plant Programs

Keep your space continuously looking fresh and colorful with the addition of our flowering and foliage plant programs. Designed with your space and budget in mind, we offer a variety of options for flowering plants, vibrant tropicals, and orchids. We offer artful rotating programs from monthly to quarterly and work with you to create the perfect program to fit your needs. Let’s design a beautiful, welcoming atmosphere that will delight visitors and employees alike!


Color Bowls

Our Color Bowl program brings colorful flowering arrangements to you monthly. These arrangements are a great alternative to short-lived cut flowers. Through our creative combinations of unique colorful foliage, tropical and flowering plants, you can look forward to a gorgeous monthly themed work of art.


Orchids grow lavish blooms at an impressive height that command an audience. We offer Orchid Programs that rotate either monthly or bi-monthly keeping your orchid arrangements looking fresh, seasonal and sophisticated. All our orchids are responsibly grown in many unique and natural color variations finished with artful accents. A well-suited addition to entrances, tabletops and reception areas.


Our Bromeliad Program offers a large array of varieties, textures, and colors. These tropical plants will bring your space unique and long-lasting color that is sure to bring attention. Our Bromeliad Programs include monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly rotations. We select from varieties like Guzmania and Neoregelia for your best and brightest color options.


Our Botanical Programs are quarterly tabletop gardens featuring lush specialty foliage and tropical green plants. These designs are stylish and sustainable for areas that call for natural elements and a pop of interest.