Green & Living Walls

Vertical Walls & Gardens

Living walls are the wall treatment urban design has been waiting for. Used by architects and designers, loved by spectators, a living wall no matter the size is a dramatic way to incorporate Biophilic design into the built environment. They add living greenery without taking up any additonal floor area. These walls are sustainable vertical structures where plants grow and thrive. They are beautiful while increasing oxygen, decreasing carbon dioxide and reducing airborne dust particles and toxins. Additonally, they are known to reduce anxiety, increase concentration and productivity.

Moss Walls

For indoor use only, preserved Moss Walls are created from different types of preserved mosses and lichen. All our moss projects are custom designed and hand made in our facilities to ensure you are getting the highest quality product. Available in a full spectrum of colors, they can be designed in an endless composition of patterns and textures. Moss walls are an artful way to add Biophilic elements to your interior space. They require minimal maintenance, have longevity, and don’t have natural light requirements.

Moss Wall Options

Wall Covers

Modular Art

Signage & Brand Logos

Event Walls

Let’s take a selfie. Create your Social Media hub with a colorful and lush event wall. These are the photo–ops Instagram was made famous for. Available for short term rentals for both live and faux plants. Make your special event or celebration one to remember.