Interior Plantscaping

We design using tropical plants with Biophilic Design elements to create beautiful, inviting, and healthier environments. Adding elegance and life to your interiors with today’s latest plant and interior design trends. We use the highest quality plants from reputable growers. Every plant is hand selected to meet the needs of your space, aesthetic, and budget. Plant leasing and expert plant maintenance options are available.

Contessa Ristorante

Interiorscaping Possibilities are Endless 

• Entryways & Foyers
• Atriums
• Lobby & Lounge Areas
• Reception Areas
• Common Living Areas
• Restaurant & Hospitality
• Office Spaces
• Public Spaces

Biophilic Design

Indoor Plants Create a Healthier Environment for Everyone

The ever-growing push for progression and achievement in our modern lifestyles can leave us feeling disconnected to our natural environments. People are identifying with the increasing need to promote health, wellbeing, and sustainability where we spend the most time. To satisfy that need we desire spaces that offer inviting biophilic environments that link the human experience to nature while living in modern structures, landscapes, and communities.

Living and working among plants improves mental and physical wellbeing while increasing productivity. Research shows that “…where indoor plants have been installed; staff well-being was improved with sick-leave absences reduced by over 60%.” (Fjeld 2002; Bergs 2002). Not to mention they provide oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, and are proven to remove harmful indoor toxins known as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s)